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Investment Process

At our foundation is a goal to preserve our client’s capital so it can grow to desired levels with an acceptable amount of risk and volatility. Our primary focus is an asset allocation across a wide range of asset classes. We are top-down, theme-based investors. Global trends and diversification are important to us. Tax optimization and liquidity are also essential to our strategy. We do not focus on short-term trading opportunities.

We look to the markets to present opportunities and strive to identify sustainable investment trends. We take a long-term approach and look to invest in companies that we can benefit from over multi-year periods. We typically invest in companies we feel are leaders in their industry sectors and sectors with a growth outlook.

Typically, we use our model portfolios for clients with assets under management (AUM) of less than $250k. Model portfolios are carefully constructed and monitored by our portfolio managers and are targeted to our client’s risk profile and trade in mutual funds and ETFs (Electronic Traded Fund). Individual stocks and bonds are introduced in portfolios valued at over $250k, as appropriate, or for clients with applicable Investment Policy Statements. As your portfolio grows and your financial assets become more complex, LFM Wealth Management carefully tailors your asset allocations to meet your specific needs.